Moisturizer For Men

by Matt Savage

Moisturizer for Men
I can’t believe I just did that. I was bamboozled. There must be a way out. I grab for the receipt out of my back pocket and slowly read over the fine print… dammit, “no refunds.” Shiiiit…

As I lay my head back in utter disgust, the view of the five beauty products lingers in the corner of my eye. I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of buyers remorse. I let out a deep sigh and grab for the nearest bottle to examine it’s contents.

It’s a small crystal like potion bottle that reads, “Dead Sea Minerals: Eye Serum.” Ughh, I can’t believe I fell for this. If it wasn’t for that persuasive busty beauty and her seductive French accent, I’d still have an extra $350 in my bank account right now. [click to continue…]

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Today we have a special guest post by Graeme and Natz from the CoupleonCouples Relationship blog. Enjoy!

1. Making the Girl the Most Important Thing in Your Life

No girl wants to be everything in your life. Stop projecting.

This happens all the time. Guys, seriously – as soon as you’ve made her your priority, you become useless to her as a leader who has direction, masculinity, clarity, purpose, and other qualities that she’s actually looking for in a man. I know there’s a tendency to want to treat her like a little princess, but she can’t be the reason that you’re alive, consuming your thoughts and feelings throughout the day.

Women feel disgusted by men who treat them as the most important thing in their lives. Think about Harrison Ford going off to fight a war for his country – he doesn’t want to, he loves his woman, but he knows that his duty is more important. How lame would that movie have been if he was like, “Okay babe, I’ll just sit here at home with you, because you are more important to me than anything else.” That doesn’t mean it’s easy, it just means that you should look beyond the boundaries of your relationship to give you meaning in your life. [click to continue…]

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The Male Virginity Trap

by Matt Savage

The above scenario in the Ragetoon comic has actually happened to me during college over 9 years ago, it was quite a frustrating situation. Here’s my tale of sorrow:

We were sitting on the couch of my dorm living room, drinking a few beers, watching some terrible reality show, when my attractive female neighbor mentions that she was horny and needed to get laid. Naturally, being an oversexed collegiate male, I jumped at the opportunity. We quickly came to the agreement that we could mess around with each other during times of distress and singleness, basically becoming fuck buddies. [click to continue…]

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As most people are probably aware, there is a huge non-issue being circulated through-out the media and Interwebs concerning the recent allegations of sexual harassment towards Mexican sports reporter and beauty queen, Ines Sainz, by the New York Jets.

First lets take a look at the allegations:

  • The players were allegedly throwing the football so that it landed near Ines Sainz while she was on the sidelines during practice
  • The players allegedly made “cat calls” at her while she was in the locker room

Are you freakin’ kidding me?! Is this seriously considered sexual harassment these days, when a bunch of testosterone fueled men are trying to get the attention of someone strutting around the field in this: [click to continue…]

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We are standing at the corner of the bar engaged in light flirty conversation. The dialogue at the time was concerning the last season of True Blood and how the Post Office damaged one of my Netflix DVDs. It is pretty much your standard fluff talk to help build comfort in the attraction process.

As the night moves on the conversation starts to pitter out and I struggle to think of the next move, but before I can do or say anything she slips away into the night. Bummer.

It’s been three days since the interaction and, like a bonehead, I’m just now realizing that the cute girl from the bar gave me a vital piece of information for allowing me to take her home that night. Here is her signal of attraction that was giving me the green light: [click to continue…]

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