There is an interesting meme circulating the Interwebs recently called Hover Hands. The meme consists of showing pictures of nerdy guys with gorgeous women in which the male’s hands are hovering just inches from the female’s body, indicating the male’s fear of physicality with such women.

This hover hands epidemic amongst the vast majority of today’s beta male population is unfortunate. It clearly shows the lack of confidence and general insecurity of these men when a beautiful woman has her arms draped over them and yet the men are still afraid of resting their hands on the bare skin of a woman’s shoulder or back. It’s quite sad.

Protip: If a woman touches you, then it’s ok recommended that you touch her back.

Here’s a few more examples of what NOT to do: [click to continue…]

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Photo Credit: Bernat Casero

This is part of a new series called, “Dueling Seduction Bloggers.” One controversial topic, two competing perspectives.

It’s a tradition that has spanned centuries and has been symbolized in many cultures as being the ultimate romantic gesture, that of giving flowers to a woman. However, in this age of rising skepticism and declining chivalry, the act of sending flowers to a girl has raised some debate amongst many in the world of dating. Of course, there are those that still wholly support this tradition and those that have written it off as a symbolic artifact.

So what is right? Is sending flowers to a girl still attractive? To help gain some perspective, I present to you, the dueling bloggers: [click to continue…]

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I reach into the back of my refrigerator and grab a small mysterious Tupperware container, no doubt it is leftovers from several Thanksgivings ago. I slowly crack open the lid to see a whole civilization of mold, spores and fungus. Ewww, that’s going straight into the garbage with the rest of the failed science experiments.

After a few hours of clearing old food items and scrubbing down the interior I finally have a sparkling refrigerator worthy of pimping like the video above. It looks practically new and I can’t help but stand in front of it, door fully open, wasting energy and basking in the soft light reflecting off the Corona bottles. [click to continue…]

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Do you ever feel like this?

As I eject the DVD, I can’t help but feel relieved that this was the last in the series. I was determined to finish all five seasons and I did. While watching the last episode as Claire drives off into the sunset, I can feel the tension of the show lifting from my shoulders.

“It’s finally over,” I say to myself, “the rollercoaster of emotion, the grief, the sadness; I no longer have to deal with the depression that comes with a television drama based on death.” This is Six Feet Under.

After running out of quality cable TV shows, I had finally decided to put the entire five seasons of Six Feet Under in my NetFlix queue. However, despite being a good show, it made me feel incredibly depressed and over the course of several weeks found my mind filled with negative emotions. Could watching a simple television show really have this much impact on one’s emotional state? [click to continue…]

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Chicks dig me because I rarely wear underwear, and when I do, it’s usually something unusual.” – Bill Murray

When most guys get into the Game, one of the first things they usually learn about is the concept of “Cocky Funny.” The idea of cocky funny, coined by David Deangelo, is a type of banter or flirting that’s used in order to create attraction and is something that we can often observe in guys who are naturally good with women. It’s a refined mixture of subtle arrogance, wit, charm and sexual innuendo. [click to continue…]

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