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Entourage of Savages

Entourage of Savages

by Matt Savage

We are in the middle of the dance floor. We are ten strong. We control the room. This is my entourage. A group of fun guys with so much positive energy that any women within a fifty foot radius will be sucked into our vortex.

It’s Friday night and we are in a popular rock bar downtown. The place is packed full with young beautiful women. The hip hop is blasting. The dance floor is bumping. My friends and I are bobbing our heads pretending like we know the lyrics to Promiscuous Girl. An appropriate song considering our intentions.

Two hotties who I was eyeing earlier suddenly find themselves “accidentally” bumping into me. This is a clear approach invitation. I make eye contact with one of the cuties and extend my hand for her to grab. She does.

This is a great song to dance to because of the duet you can do some role playing on the dance floor. While dancing I start lip syncing the male parts of the chorus to her.

Promiscuous girl…wherever you are…I’m alone…and it’s you that I want…

She gets into the back and forth lip sync battle and starts to belt out her parts of the song.

Promiscuous boy…you already know…that I’m all yours…what are you waiting for?

I grab her hips and we begin grinding with each other, rubbing our various body parts together.

I look over my shoulder to check on her friend. I don’t want her to swoop in and steal my cutie away. Luckily, my wingmen were right on the ball when I started the interaction because they immediately went in to distract the friend. It’s great having guys who actually understand the role of being a good wingman.

Promiscuous girl…you’re teasing me…you know what I want…and you got what I need.

I push her away for a second, then pull her back in; so close that our noses are touching and we’re looking directly into each other’s eyes.

Promiscuous boy…lets get to the point…cause we’re on a roll…are you ready?

While our noses still touching and our bodies grinding together, I kiss her. We have a little makeout session right there. Nice.

I isolate her to a more secluded area off to the side of the dance floor.

“What’s your name?” I ask

“I’m Beth, what’s yours?”

“My name’s Matt, nice to meet you” I say.

The whole introduction thing is a bit weird considering that we were making out not more than five minutes ago. We continue talking and flirting with each other, interjected with kissing at random intervals. At one point I find out she is 36. What is it with me and attracting women in their thirties? This is the second one I’ve kissed this week.

Eventually, Beth’s friend finds us and pulls her away giving me the excuse that they need to get more beers. Ugghhh, I had a feeling I couldn’t keep her isolated for this long without having to deal with the friend. Beth assures me that she’ll be back later as they walk off into the crowd.

Not wanting to stand around by myself I immediately find my entourage who, by now, have amassed quite the collection of dancing girls. There is one incredibly hot, tall girl standing on the outer edges of the circle. I approach.

“Hey! Lets dance” I say with a great big smile

“Umm, I’m kinda tall for you”

“Yea that’s ok, I don’t discriminate,” I say, “now let me see your hand.”

She gives me her hand. I twirl her around and just like that we’re dancing.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice Beth and her friend have come back. They are now dancing right next to me and Tall Girl. I can see Beth constantly looking over at us dancing. There is definitely a jealousy plot line at work here.

After a few songs of dancing, I release Tall Girl to her group friends. I turn around as Beth is about to pounce all over me. She puts her arms around me and demands that I dance with her. So, we dance some more, although it was really more of an embraced swaying by this point.

I have to urinate so I excuse myself to the bathroom. I’m gone for only five minutes. On my return, Beth and her friend are no where to be seen. What the fuck? I wander all over the bar looking for her but she is gone. Damn it! What the hell just happened?

Disheartened and confused I try to snap out of it. I go to re-join the entourage but now everyone is scattered about the bar attempting to close whatever women they were gaming. I go to another room to listen to the rock band that was playing. I end up dancing and flirting with several other girls before the end of the night but nothing as good as the Beth scenario.


The next morning after talking with some of my friends I find out that almost every guy in the group at least kissed a girl that night. One ended up going home with a girl. And another one got punched in the face for saying a girl had nice tits right in front of her boyfriend. He wasn’t hurt but did end up getting a fat lip. Though humorous, I think we can chalk that tactic up as what not to do. As for me, I’m still perplexed by Beth’s disappearing act. I’m assuming that the friend dragged her out of the bar or something. Oh well, at least I got a solid kiss close out of it and had I great time with my friends.


Anonymous April 1, 2007 at 2:08 am

Decent Post. I wish though you would give more conversation details like you did in your earlier posts. Thats what I really liked about your blog and why I am a loyal reader. You wrote exactly what you said instead of “We continue talking and flirting.” Like so many other blogs. Conversation is an art and I want to learn some tricks.

Anonymous April 1, 2007 at 7:20 pm

“Conversation is an art and I want to learn some tricks”

Hint: Get off your computer and get out and experience the REAL world.

Gabriela April 1, 2007 at 7:33 pm

Interesting story. LOL.

It sounds like you did have fun. And Beth…well, too bad she’s gone. There will more Beths later I guess. =)

PJ April 1, 2007 at 9:13 pm

A modern Cinderella story, well kinda…

Anonymous April 2, 2007 at 3:27 pm

Beth’s friend finds us and pulls her away giving me the excuse that they need to get more beers. Ugghhh, I had a feeling I couldn’t keep her isolated for this long without having to deal with the friend.

You must deal with her friends or they’ll reel her back to the safety of her social network and away from the clutches of that cheesy guy who grinds on chicks.

Pull her in: Hey, you must be Beth’s friend. I’m Matt. We seem to like each other, but you’re kind of cute too. Sit, tell me about yourself!

Go from there.

Matt Savage April 2, 2007 at 6:23 pm


Your right, I have been skimping on the conversation details lately, and there are a few good reasons for it.

1)I’ve been meeting and talking to more and more women lately and the one’s I get attration from, I talk to for longer periods of time. With so much talking in one night, it is difficult to recall the details when I write these posts, usually the day after.

This is actually common amongst many top PUAs as a lot of them don’t often remember what the say to hot babes after sarging them.

2)Some nights, when I’m picking up girls on the dance floor like in this particular case, there really isn’t a whole lot of talking to write about. When I attract a girl on the dance floor it is more about communicating with my body and eyes than with my mouth…unless I’m kissing her of course:) So, in these instances, there really isn’t going to be a lot of witty dialogue.

I appreciate your feedback and will take this into consideration in future posts. I do like to write in good dialogue when it happens and am able to remember it. It certainly does make posts more enjoyable.

One thing to remember about seduction, is that it’s much more seductive in the way words are conveyed and not so much the actual content of those words.

Thanks again for reading,


Matt Savage April 2, 2007 at 6:29 pm


Haha, yes it was definitely a fun night and I’m sure I’ll run into more versions of Beth in the future. They can’t resist my alluring dance:)


Hmmm, I’ve never been compared to Cinderella before…I wonder who the evil step sisters would be?

Anonymous 11:27,

I did a poor job of managing the obstacle (the friend) this night. Usually, I’m pretty good at winning the friends over but dropped the ball in this instance. Good call.


Ana Renee Jones April 8, 2007 at 4:44 pm


I was so excited reading this post then I got to the “disappearing girl” part. This seems to be a specialty of yours.

“And for our next magic show, Matt will make a perfectly good girl disappear.”

Can you say “RobotGirl”?

What do you think you can do to change this?

One thing I would suggest, before the girl runs off in the first place, ask her to borrow her cell phone. Tell her you lost your phone and you want to call it to see if you can find it.

Call you phone # (it might work best if you’re phone is on silent). Later, if she disappears you can text message her:

“Thanks for letting me borrow you phone to find mine. I had a great time with you tonight.”

Then you have her # and you’ve given her yours. Then if she wants she can reply and you can continue with phone/text game.

That’s just a thought,

Orhan Kahn April 16, 2007 at 11:03 pm

Niice, just nice :)

Mrs.ZigZagMan April 17, 2007 at 5:42 am

Matt! I havent been by in a while, I am glad to see all it progressing nicely! ana what a ploy!

Matt Savage April 18, 2007 at 4:06 am


“And for our next magic show, Matt will make a perfectly good girl disappear.”

Can you say “RobotGirl”?

What do you think you can do to change this?

Haha, yes this definitely seems to be a reacurring problem for me. Perhaps I should become a magician!

I like your technique you suggest for fixing this but I feel like I just need to escalate and isolate with these girls faster.

For some reason, I let too much time pass, the girl gets distracted or bored and I’m toast.

Hopefully I’m learning from this and it won’t happen again.

Mrs. Zigzagman,

Your always welcome here:) Thanks for the support!


Lisa April 27, 2007 at 4:13 am

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