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My Sexy English Teacher

My Sexy English Teacher

by Matt Savage

Tonight was the night I was supposed to meet Jameson Jane at the Local Irish Pub. Unfortunately, she flaked on me. No matter though, she lives across the street and I’m sure I’ll bump into her again.

I decided to make the best of the night and grab a few pints of deliciousness. I sit down with a few of the regulars and make small talk.

At one point, the woman sitting next to me swings her elbow back and hits my beer holding arm. She turns her head towards me to apologize. This is when I realize that the woman is my old English professor from college!

I don’t think she recognized me, but I definitely recognized her. I remember being so smitten with this woman in class. Not only was she beautiful, but she was also intelligent, fun, and spunky; she had the complete package. It was basically the typical student teacher fantasy. I’d dream that she’d be so impressed with my English essays that she’d invite me out for drinks after class. Alas, the fantasy never came true.

Of course, all this occurred back when I was just an average frustrated chump. Now, I am much more prepared to flirt and display my sexuality.

After she had apologized for almost spilling my beer I said, “Hey don’t worry about it. You can make it up to me later on.” She smiles at me and turns back to talk to her guy friend. I resume talking to my friends, except now I liven up the conversation, attempting to appear like a fun guy, which I am.

Later, Sexy English Teacher starts moving her bar stool closer to mine. So close that our backs are touching each other. I turn my head towards her and say, “Ah, are you trying to cozy up to me?” as I put my arm around her shoulders. She claims that she is moving away from the loud chatter. I know this is just an excuse.

While this flirting is taking place, I can feel the guy’s eyes glaring at me. He knows I’m a threat. He takes action. He immediately inserts himself between Teacher and I, motioning for Teacher to move to the next stool over. He has successfully thwarted my attempts to converse with Teacher. However, it doesn’t thwart my occasional flirting eye contact.

It is getting late, so I finish my beer. As I leave, I connect my gaze with Teacher and present her with a sly smirk, knowing that one day she will be mine.


Anonymous January 24, 2007 at 11:20 pm

Hey dude,

You’re still thinking like an AFC! You should have continued talking to your professor even if her guy friend cockblocked you. He was just trying to be the AMOG.

You should have built rapport with her – said something witty like “I know you, but you probably don’t remember me…” Then you could have played a guessing game with her. This would have lead to further conversation where you could have told her about all the cool things you have done since her class…then you would have demonstrated authority over the guy she was talking to.

Anyways, consider this a learning experience on your way to becoming a PUA. Good luck!



Jan January 25, 2007 at 2:47 am

Yeah I agree. You should’ve tried to isolate. If you can’t isolate and he’s shitting on you say this, I got this from Stephen (AKA) PlayboyLA. It’s a really good AMOG line. Say “dude, there are open windows in life and closed ones – don’t be pissed at me just because yours is closed.” And number close in front of him.

Matt Savage January 25, 2007 at 3:00 pm


Yea, your right man, there was definitely a bit of AFCness going on, but I’m still learning.

I would have tried building rapport with her like you said but she was on a date with the guy so it would have been difficult with him hovering over me.


Like I said, she was on a date so isolating her from him would’ve been difficult. I suppose if I was really good at AMOGing then it might be possible, but I haven’t really gotten this advanced yet in my seduction training. I do like that PlayboyLA line though. Solid stuff.

Thanks for the advice guys.


Ana Renee Jones January 26, 2007 at 11:09 pm

hahahahaha…I have a crush on my English professor too. He’s so stylish and intellectual…yum.

Ana Renee

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