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Flirting with Jameson Jane

Flirting with Jameson Jane

by Matt Savage

Over the last week, I’ve been so involved with my social circle that I’ve had little opportunities to do cold approaches. However, this weekend, I was able to get in a small amount of approaches which resulted in setting up a day 2.

Thursday – Bar

Approach 58: I’m sitting at the bar with two of my buddies when a cute girl walks in and sits down right next to me. I notice her playing around with her cell phone so I say:

Me: Did he call yet?
Her: huh?
Me: Did he call yet? the guy you’re obviously waiting for a call from.
Her: haha, oh, no he didn’t. He was supposed to meet me here but I can’t get a hold of him.
Me: Awww, you got stood up, that’s too bad. How about I keep you company instead.
Her: ummm ok

I noticed that she had an ipod so we start talking about music. It turns out we have different tastes in music and we get into a playful argument about this. Something weird happens, where the conversation kind of fizzles out and she ignores me by putting her iPod ear buds in. WTF! Who listens to their ipod in a bar while there is already music playing? Whatever, we just end up leaving the place.

Saturday – Little Lounge

Approach 59: As soon as we enter the lounge, I roll up to the bar next to a cute woman.

Me: Hi (with a big smile)
Her: Hi (hesitant and cold)
Me: What do you recommend here?
Her: What do I recommend?
Me: Yea, what beer is good tonight?
Her: I have no idea. (she gets her wine and leaves)

Approach 60: I’m sitting down next to the coat hangers when Honey Honda walks over to get something out of her coat, which was conveniently hanging right next to my head. She starts digging through her pockets and looks frustrated. I say,

Me: What’s the matter, you lose something?
Honey Honda: Yea, I can’t find my lighter
Me: Oh, sorry. I can’t help you out, I left my lighter at home:) Looks like you’ll have to go without smoking tonight or else go around asking for some hot guy for a light.
Honey Honda: Haha, that shouldn’t be problem.

She finds her lighter and leaves for a smoke. Throughout the rest of the night I notice her glancing at me from time to time. I end up talking to her again at the end of the night but we’ll get to that later;)

Approach 61: I notice a really cute woman standing by the bar (we’ll call her Jameson Jane). I approach and pretend like I’m about to order a drink. I notice that she has a small glass of whiskey in front of her.

Me: Wow, is that whiskey your drinking?
Jameson Jane: Yep, sure is.
Me: That’s hardcore, I don’t meet too many women who drink straight whiskey. Hmm, looks like Jameson, is that right?
Jameson Jane: Oh my god, it is Jameson, how did you know?
Me: Ah well, I really know my whiskey. (I don’t know whiskey at all because I hate it, it was a complete shot in dark:)

Jameson Jane: What was your name?
Me: Oh it’s Matt, and yours?
Jameson Jane: It’s Jameson Jane. Well cheers Matt. (we clink our drinks together)

I continue the conversation with Jameson Jane as we talk about the bands and other fluff talk. I asked her where she lived and it turned out that she lives across the street from me! Wow, this could be really convenient if I can convert this girl.

Later, I use a new attraction routine on her which I came up with. It’s called, “Brady vs. Manning”. It goes something like this:

Me: So, who do you think is more attractive, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?
Her: Gives answer, bla, bla, bla (most likely will be Tom Brady)
Me: Oh that’s interesting because I was just talking to a girl the other night who was madly in love with Peyton Manning. I don’t know why, because I think Brady is sooo much better looking…uh, you know in a completely hetrosexual way:) Although Brady does kind of have a big head. He almost looks like a muppet!

Then you just see how far you can take the conversation from their using a fun banter kind of vibe.

After this, Jameson Jane says that she has to go and hang out with her friends for a bit but will see me later. I acknowledge and say I have to get back to my friend as well.

At the end of the night when the lounge was closing down, Jameson Jane comes to find me. She says that she is getting a ride home from her friend, Honey Honda, and they have room for one more person if I needed a lift. I ask if they can fit two more because I’m with Wingman Stick and can’t abandon him out in the middle of nowhere.

We go and find Honey Honda. I talk to her to see if she’ll squeeze the two of us in but she explains that she has a small car (a Honda) and can only truly fit one more person.

I talk to Wingman Stick about the situation and he was a bit hesitant on getting back to our neighborhood by himself. I decide, fuck it, I’m not leaving my wingman. I explain to Jameson Jane that me and Wingman are just going to get a cab home but she should give me her number so we can meet up again.

Jameson Jane: oh umm, I can’t really give it to you because I’m kinda in a relationship and that person would get really mad at me. So, why don’t we just meet at the Local Irish Pub sometime.
M.Savage: Ok, that sounds good, what day is good?
Jameson Jane: Ummmm, how about Tuesday?
M.Savage: Ok then, I’ll see you on Tuesday night.
Jameson Jane: Ok, have a good night

I kiss her on the cheek and we leave the bar.


Not a lot of approaches this week, but that last one with Jameson Jane was definitely quality. Even though I didn’t get the number close, I did arrange for a day 2, which I think is a much better close (if she shows up) because now I don’t have to deal with any phone game. I don’t think she’ll flake on me because she seemed really into me. The relationship she is in could be a problem though. We’ll see how it goes.


BG January 22, 2007 at 6:53 pm

Not really a problem if you keep your game solid. I know you can pull it off and the logistics are perfect. Just make sure you go back together (make sure to settle this with your friends, so that you won’t have an extra obstacle). When the general atmosphere starts to die down, try to figure out if she’s ready to go home and leave together. Then she or you will either throw out a bullshit line like “it’s a shame the atmosphere in the pub got dull. I still feel like a drink. Wanna have a quick one?” Or go for coffee or whatever, but this chick sounds hardcore so she’ll probably like another beer ^_^

Annnnd, you two can be FB’s while she keeps her boyfriend. I mean, you live across the street, so tell her that her life is hers and your life is yours and you both decide what you do with it. Make her understand that you don’t care about the boyfriend and understand that she might want to keep him, but fuck you as well. (don’t do this too explicitly in the beginning, might trigger ASD)

Anyway, you asked about setting the atmosphere for a mLTR/FB and I wrote a post about it last night. You can find it on my blog.

Matt Savage January 23, 2007 at 2:27 am


Yea, the logistics are alomost perfect for the day2. The bar we’re going to is seriously a 2 min. walk from both our places! Thanks for the advice here, I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.


Loto December 31, 2010 at 4:28 am


I really like your blog. I have been reading your blitz posts because I am just starting out in learning the game. I was wondering if any of your approaches ever let to a full f close or maybe relationship besides your very first lay. I wanted to know because despite how nerve-racking and glorious it is to approach girls and maybe every get a number, the ratio of success seems low in terms of numbers and anything further. It seems pretty discouraging. I just wanted some thoughts. Thank you


Matt Savage January 3, 2011 at 11:11 am


My personal December Blitz challenge was several years ago, so my memory is a bit fuzzy, but from what I recall none of those approaches lead to a direct F-close. I think a got multiple numbers and a few make-outs during the process but that really wasn’t the point of the challenge. The point was to practice the approach and open, or in more general terms practice talking to random women. Despite not getting a whole lot of action during the Blitz, I do think the challenge made a huge difference in my later development, where I have and continue to bring women home. And of course none of what I can do now in terms of seduction wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t stepped up and challenged myself to learn approaching.

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