My First Lay

by Matt Savage

It has been twenty-seven years and eight months of me being a virgin. As of last night it is no more. These pipes have been cleaned…unfortunately it was not the way I had envisioned it.

The night started off with me and wingman Stick hitting up the local pub scene. It was slim pickings on the women though, but we were able to open some sets at each venue. We mostly got blown out of everything, nothing too promising.

We finally ended up at the final pub around 12 o’clock. There was a set of girls who we have gamed before and ended up chatting with them for awhile. As we are talking, I go to the bar to order a drink. There is a girl (we’ll call her Tattoo Girl) standing next to the bar who I begin to chat up, not sarge, but just to be friendly.

Tattoo Girl is not an HB nor is she an UG. She is somewhere in between, probably a 5. I am not really attracted to her physically but she is playful, fun, and had a bunch of tattoos all over her body which was very intriguing to me. Oh yea….she is a bit on the bigger side too, not fat but definitely plump.

After a bit of talking it was obvious the girl was into me. Then it hit me. Something inside of me snaps. I realize that the fact that I am a 27 year old virgin is a bit ridiculous and it is time to just get the first lay over with. I switch over to pick up artist mode, not that I really needed it. The girl is already attracted to me but I figured I’d still need to stay focused to push for a full F-close.

I decide to dance with Tattoo Girl for a bit. While dancing I’m getting good kino. I kiss the side of her neck. As soon as I did this her hands, which were around my shoulders, squeezed me really tight (IOI and signal to the next phase).

We bounce to a bar across the street were she is supposed to meet a friend. A minor setback but nothing I couldn’t handle. Her friend had never showed to this bar but I did encounter a big black dude who apparently knew Tattoo Girl and was definitely trying to cock block me. I try to AMOG black dude but it is difficult as it is not one of the skills I have even begun to practice yet. The three of us talk for a bit, mostly just me and black dude trying to tool each other when the bar staff starts kicking us out because they are closing the bar.

I work fast and grab Tattoo Girl’s hand and tell her I am walking her home before black dude can do anything. She agrees and we walk to her apartment building. We get to the front steps and I tell her I’ll walk her up to her apartment. She agrees. We get into her apartment and I tell her I will walk her to her bedroom. She agrees! Hahaha, this is almost too easy.

She lays on the bed and says that we are going to watch a movie. Ok, nice cover story. She puts in some cheesy Disney movie – talk about getting into the mood, WTF! She puts the movie in, I take my shoes and jacket off and we both lay on her bed.

Not more then three minutes into this movie, I make my move. I kiss her and we start making out. Somewhere in the make out session she gives me some token LMR:

Tattoo Girl: Only kissing, we are not going to have sex
M.Savage: That’s fine….now take off your shirt

She complies and in a frenzy of groping and kissing we eventually get each other down to our underwear. By this point I am pretty aroused and ready to fuck like crazy. I start dry humping her and caressing various parts of her body. She starts moaning and getting into it. At this point she is sooo horny that she rips my underwear off and grabs my dick. She tells me that she wants me and grabs a condom from her night stand.

Well I guess I won’t get much more detailed, it’s already graphic enough. As you can imagine with all these years of pent-up sexual frustration, I really let her have it. I fucked her multiple times throughout the night and made her orgasm three times. I must say that I have always been really nervous about having sex with a girl for the first time, but this night everything seemed to come to me naturally. I stayed for the rest of the night until early in the morning when her cat, Fluffy, decided to attack me for some reason. I exchanged phone numbers with her, gave her a kiss, and left.

I did enjoy the sex but I am still not that attracted to Tattoo Girl and will probably not see her again. She is not the type of woman I am looking for. I do, however, feel like a bag of bricks has been taken off my shoulders. I feel like the whole virgin thing was just weighing too much on my mind. Now that it is taken care of I can really begin to focus on solid game.


di February 4, 2007 at 12:41 pm

Hi… who are you??? Are you real? Are you a regular person like everyone else?


Matt Savage February 4, 2007 at 7:43 pm

Hi Di,

I am indeed a real person, however, due to the extremely revealing and personal nature of this blog, I choose to remain anonymous.

Whether I’m a regular person or not is up for debate. I have a normal life with a job and friends but still like to think of myself as a unique individual.

Hope that answers your questions:)


joe September 21, 2010 at 6:53 am

Good for you man, what is interesting to note her is that the sex was actually decent. Most guys have are old virgins believe that they are just going to stick it in and cum straight away, when actually most dudes struggle to cum the first time.

Betty November 19, 2010 at 4:27 am

I really enjoyed this,it was very entertaining.
I recently had sex with a 31 year old virgin…We were pretty good friends for the past year and he told me about his problem.He had never even kissed a woman before.I felt so bad for him cuz he wasn’t unattractive or anything,just had bad luck I guess.He is extremely anxious around most people and very,very shy.
So I invited him over one day and made his wish come true ;-)
Now he is completely in love with me though!

steve September 28, 2013 at 11:49 am

Betty your my hero now. I wish there were more women like you. I am a 38 year virgin because I was brought up in a strict Catholic church by strict parents, and was always told to have a good career and women will come to you. This was total bullshit.

I have a good career, house, car, educated, average looking, intelligent but only go on a few dates this year. After some soul searching starting November 2012 I started making changes, clothes, haircut, taking dancing lessons and finally started to get dates after 11 years without a girlfriend. Now I have two good female friends and just added a 3rd one. I figure if I can get comfortable around female friends it will make it easier to flirt with women for dating.

Amazingly enough I turned down 3 women for sex this year. Two I was not attracted towards and felt no emotional connection and the 3rd was 18 years and in high school and was cute. The 18 year was very tempting but I couldn’t have sex with someone in high school because I have a professional job and it is just wrong ethically. If the young lady had been in college no one would have said anything about it.

Matt I appreciate your blog and will read it and hopefully learn from it and maybe try to make comments about my experiences. Currently I am trying to get over a few things approach anxiety, flirting, and confidence. If I can get the basics of these down then I should be able to at least date women that I will be attracted towards maybe not the hot models but good enough to gain a happy experience in life after years of feeling ashamed, depressed, and not being able to express my sexuality directly to women.

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