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How I met and attracted women during Halloween – Part 1

How I met and attracted women during Halloween – Part 1

by Matt Savage

The plan for Friday night was to go to one of the local bars that was having a costume party. An old high school buddy of mine was coming into town and bringing his cute sister (HBsister) and one of her cute friends (HBangel). My wingman Stick was also in on the action and had invited a cute girl from his office (HBoffice) to come out with us. Before the night even began it was shaping up well by having all these cute girls in our harem. At the very least these girls would provide excellent social proof.

Once we got our clan assembled and in full costume we proceeded to the local bar. The place was hoping with many sexy outfits all over. Quite possibly the best part of Halloween is that women will dress up with little inhibition. This was certainly true of the girls we were with, HBsister was dressed as a sexy cowgirl (a popular costume this year), HBangel was dressed as a Victoria’s Secret angel, and HBoffice was dressed as Velma from the movie Chicago. I went as a lumberjack, which basically just consisted of normal clothes with a pair of red suspenders.

We quickly hit the dance floor and started tearing it up with our harem of cuties. I found that the suspenders were I great idea because it enticed women to touch me and quickly generate kino. It seemed like every five minutes some girl was tugging or grabbing at my suspenders.

While dancing, there was a group women near us and one of them didn’t have a costume. I approached her and used the following opener, “Hey, I really like your college girl outfit.” This seemed to be an effective opener as she was quick to validate herself for not wearing a costume. I danced with her for awhile until her friends eventually took her away. I went around and used the same opener on two other girls who weren’t wearing costumes and both opened well into the attraction phases.

By the end of the night things were starting to die down and I was losing steam. Luckily I had my reliable wingman Stick there to help me keep my eye on the prize. He motivated me into making a last ditch effort at what we like to call “going down in flames”. The point of this exercise is to open as many women as possible with the expectation that you will fail, hence going down in flames. One reason we like doing this is that it takes the pressure off of succeeding and allows us to be more bold in the types of openers we use.

We got ourselves fired up and began working ourselves across the bar opening every women who crossed our paths. Some girls were receptive and some shot us down very quickly but it didn’t matter, we were having a good time. Eventually, we ended up on the dance floor with a group of women who we had opened. Things were going well but we failed to extract anyone who we had not already brought to the party. We left the bar at closing time with our small group of cuties and proceeded to my place for the “after party.”

Stick and HBoffice didn’t hang around too long as Stick extracted her back to his place where they eventually hooked up. I had both HBangel and HBsister on the couch with me, while my buddy went down to the Seven Eleven to get food. HBangel was getting very flirtatious with me and we ended up wrestling on the couch. I think things might have gotten a bit too physical too fast because she completely froze up at one point and went into the other room. At one point I was alone in the living room with HBsister and we were talking about random stuff. I definitely could have made some sort of move here, but I chickened out big time….shit!

By 3 o’clock in the morning everyone was pretty much exhausted and too tired to continue partying so they all decided to leave. The night was very fun and despite some set-backs I was very pleased with the amount of girls I had opened.


john dobbs August 6, 2007 at 4:53 pm

Probably felt your boner and it scared the daylights out of her.

Matt Savage August 6, 2007 at 5:53 pm

Haha, you know, she probably did. If I remember correctly, there was a point when I was quite aroused!

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