Eskimo Kiss Close

by Matt Savage

Well last Saturday I made some good progress. I went out to meet up with some old friends of mine and two of my current wings at a piano bar. One of these friends was my best friends sister, who is very attractive. Now, I had no intention of trying to pick-up on her because it would likely cause a lot of tension between me and her brother, who is one of my best friends. However, because this girl (we’ll call her HBsister) is attractive, fun and flirtatious I figured that she would make a great pivot for attracting other girls and increasing my social proof.

Throughout the night we were having a great time dancing and singing a long to the music with HBsister. At one point me and my wings opened up a three set of women (2 HB7s and 1 HB6). We chit chat for a bit and then HBsister unexpectedly came dancing in to the middle of the group and started grinding up on me and my wings. With this little jealous move, HBsister managed to scare away the three set, while keeping the attention of our group on her. A bit later she asked me if I was mad that she scared the girls off. I said, “no, I think you actually helped us out by giving us more social proof,” which after explaining the concept of social proof decided she wanted to help us out. So, we then go around the bar dancing and grinding with HBsister in front of other HBs. Not only was this really fun but for the rest of the night most of the girls in the place were constantly looking over at us.

Later in the night, HBsister and her friends decide to leave the bar. This just leaves me and my two wingmen to continue the sarge. I head out onto the dance floor and see one of the HB7s (we’ll call her HBphilly) from the above three set. She is standing alone on the dance floor, so I just go right up to her and say “hi” with a big smile, grab her hand and begin dancing with her. Luckily, I am a phenomenal dancer which she mentions to me. She is having a good time and eventually a slow song comes on (I think it was “Don’t Stop Believing”) and I bring her in real close.

At first, I am holding her hands in a traditional dance position but escalate a bit by actually placing her hands around my neck and shoulders while I place both my hands around her waist basically pressing our bodies together real tight. As we are dancing, I am singing into her ear and she keeps griping my body tighter and tighter. This is when I know that I have this in the bag so whisper into her ear:

MSavage: you know that the nose has more nerve endings then the lips and that’s why Eskimos kiss with their noses
HBphilly: really?
MSavage: yea really, here let me show you (we rub our noses together)

She goes DDB on me and I just go in for the kiss. We tongue-down on the dance floor and her buying temp is through the fucking roof. Unfortunately, this lead to her ASD kicking in around closing time. After making out we talk for a bit, tells me she is from out of town (philly) and is visiting her friends for the weekend, bla bla bla, and she gives me her number. I try isolating her to another venue but it’s too late, the friends swoop in and steal her away. Shit.

Two days later I send her a text message asking when the next time she will back in town. She says she doesn’t know but will definitely hit me up when she does come back. Not sure if this is true or not but it does appear that she is interested in meeting again but who knows when that could happen.

So, to recap, the social proof was pretty good and I feel like my escalating worked well too with the Eskimo kiss close. However, there are definitely some major flaws in this field report.

1) I probably should have isolated her before escalating and pumping the BT
2) I didn’t do a good job at winning over the friends which would have been useful to keep them from cock blocking me at the end of the night.
3) The tongue down on the dance floor probably wasn’t a good idea consider it was in front of a bunch of people and likely triggered her ASD

There it is, one of my better nights of sarging in a lonnnnggg time. Any critique of this field report would be much appreciated. Thanks.

The Modern Savage

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