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The Modern Savage — the seductive life

vintage sex toy for women

The following is a guest article written by the sexilicious boner inducing good folk at AdamEve.com

When most people think of sex toys they envision women with vibrators or a kinky couple going to town on each other. But if you mention a man with a sex toy, the stereotypical man with a blow up doll comes to mind. However, the reality is, for one, the average man who likes sex toys doesn’t own a blow up doll–they take up too much space! If they are going to own a male-oriented toy, Fleshlights are far more portable, easy to clean and use. But what about men who own sex toys for women, men who may or may not be involved in a relationship? [click to continue…]

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I was browsing the OkCupid subreddit when I came across I great thread involving an email exchange between two people on the dating site. It’s quite an interesting and comical exchange which started out perfectly fine but due to one person’s improper use of grammar, the conversation quickly spiraled out of control into a flaming pile of insults and bear dicks. Take a look below to see what I mean.

OkCupid Girl bad grammar message

Now the conversation starts off with the guy messaging what I presume is an innocent question regarding something in the girl’s profile. Then, in the girl’s response she gives the following: [click to continue…]

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17 years ago…

It’s four in the afternoon as I frantically tap away at my keyboard, navigating through menu after menu of soft green terminal text, searching for hidden file caches of the female flesh. Time is of the essence since I still have another hour before my mom comes home from work. And the time it takes to download an image file on my 14.4 kilobit modem takes up to 20 minutes.

At the age of fifteen, I am the only kid in my class with a personal computer. As far as nerds go, I am the king of my school, not to mention a venerable smut peddler dealing in printed porn images acquired from local Bulletin Board systems. What an age we live in, when one can spend the afternoon to download an image of a naked woman straight from your phone line… [click to continue…]

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Inspired by a recent Art of Manliness post on various Altoids tin badassery, I decided to make my own version of the Altoids tin survival kit, except geared for those of us who dabble in the pursuit of carnal knowledge.

When I started out this project, the first thing that came to mind was to simply use the tin as a condom case, which by itself works great. It has the ability to snuggly fit up to eight condoms and is a good protective way store your prophylactics, rather than sticking them in a wallet like a sexual noob. [click to continue…]

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The Shy Girl’s Lament

by Matt Savage

The bus comes to a slow stop as I give her an awkward hug and a peck on the cheek. “I’ll call you,” I say, just before she boards the number 42…

… It’s been five days now. I haven’t called, not even a text. It’s kind of immature really, but I think I’m justified somehow, that I can do better.

Not that there’s anything terribly wrong with her, though she is quite plain. However, I do like her scuttling around the bedroom in her pink cotton panties. So there are perks, as shallow as they may be.

The issue arises in conversation, or lack thereof. We have nothing. She’s just an average shy girl. There’s no spunk, no sexy attitude, no light banter. It makes me feel like a scumbag, a hypocrite even, when I reject the same type of person I was just six years ago.

This is the conundrum of self improvement – options.

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